flo 兒童潔鼻通噴劑 flo Kids Saline Nasal Spray 15ml x 3box (香港行貨)【小童鼻噴通鼻劑 新冠肺炎抗疫推介】



☆有效稀釋黏液,令小孩呼吸暢順,睡眠舒適。 ★豐富之礦物質成份,可促進鼻腔自我潔淨功能。 ☆亦可作嬰孩日常清潔及濕潤鼻腔之用。 ★不會刺激小孩鼻腔。 ☆無防腐劑、非藥性。 ☆flo kids helps to thin excess mucus and clear a blocked nose, this make breath and sleep well. ★Contain added minerals and improve self mucociliary clearance ☆Quick and easy to use ★Isotonic – no sting formula ☆Sterile , preservative free and non-medicated

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