WAKAMOTO 若素 錠劑 整腸胃片 300粒



若素片中含有豐富的活性乳酸菌、活性酵素(澱粉、脂肪、蛋白質的消化酵素)、 人體機構上一切必備的營養素(即維他命B群)。 可助長消化、並可增進食欲、增強腸胃機能的活力、 更可增強體力、保持身體健康。 (HK-01115) WAKAMOTO Ruosu 300 Tablets (HK-01115) Efficacy: Indigestion, hyperacidity, heartburn, bloating, bloating, diarrhea, stomach pain, acid reflux Made in Japan

Rincian Produk

Wakamoto 若素制藥株式會社



日本 - 若素川片曾獲得各國醫學界人士贊許,被譽為不可多得的保健良藥。


Wakamoto is rich in active lactic acid bacteria, active enzymes (digestive enzymes of starch, fat, protein),

All necessary nutrients (ie vitamin B group) on the body agency, can be digested and can increase appetite, enhance the vitality of gastrointestinal functions,

Enhanced physical strength and keep your health.

Japan - Yuxi Chuancai has won praise from various medical circles, and is indeed a healthy medicine.

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