D&D Plus Fiber 1000億乳酸菌粉劑 30包 (香港行貨) 【減肥排毒 疲倦問題】



☆1000 億的乳酸菌與天然食物纖維成分有效打造美麗的身體 ★有助排毒、暴飲暴食、酒量過多、容易疲倦等日常問題 ☆專利成分及保健用食品原料,約可攝取整個生菜的食物纖維量 ☆100 billion lactic acid bacteria and natural dietary fiber ingredients effectively create a beautiful body ★Helps to detoxify, overeating, drinking too much, easy fatigue and other daily problems ☆Patented ingredients and health food raw materials, about the amount of dietary fiber you can take in the whole lettuce

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