Calmvalera 緩解緊張焦慮鎮靜片 Calmvalera Hevert 100 tablets



☆關注睡眠障礙、煩躁和緊張情緒 ☆有效緩解壓力、提高睡眠質量 ☆含多種植物天然成分 ☆Focus on sleep disorders, anxiety and nervousness ☆ Effectively reduce stress and improve sleep quality ☆Contain natural plant ingredients


Calmvalera 緩解緊張焦慮鎮靜片100片裝
關注治療神經性睡眠障礙、煩躁和情緒,有效緩解壓力及提高睡眠質素,含多種植物精華成份,天然可靠。每天最多服用 6 次,根據治療的影響和持續時間,劑量減少到每天 3 次

Calmvalera Hevert 100 tablets  
a natural medicine with an active complex of nine carefully coordinated ingredients
Calmvalera Hevert tablets are used for nervous sleep disorders, restlessness and mood
In the case of acute one tablet is taken up to 6 times a day, depending on the impact and duration of treatment, the dosage is reduced to 3 times a day